Enochian and Gym – How they link together

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Enochian is a language of mystery science. In 16th century, people believe that human can communicate with angel, that’s why Enochian is invented. Enochian is considered as one types of religion. A religion is a belief which encourage people to have good spitit in life. Just like Gym, they have the same purpose.

They both improves cardiovascular health

In a survey of 14,223 people, experts found that those who exercised at a moderate or moderate rate were 32% and 47% more likely to die from a heart attack than those who did not. body movement. Many studies show that exercisers stimulate blood flow to the heart, help heal wounds, and contribute to lowering mortality. As simple as running a 30-minute day also has the effect of bringing the spirit of freshness, blood circulation.

They both create good mind sprit

Exercise to release chemicals in the brain like dopamine, epinephrine, make you feel positive, refreshing, more excitement. For many people, learning the gym helps to eradicate stress, fatigue after hours, hard work. In addition, to the gym create conditions to meet, communicate with people, expand relationships, live more positive and optimistic.

They both have own shirt design

Enochian have their shirt with simple design. You can take a look at https://www.redbubble.com/shop/enochian+t-shirts

Gym have it’s own design style, you can take a look at https://fitshop.vn/





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